Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Morgans birthday

One of my roommates, Stephanie brought this friend into our lives that she knew from home and we just love her! it was her birthday a little bit ago so we invited a few people over to our appt. after we went to a wonderful birthday dinner and had this cake i made :) Ps. boys don't really understand the whole fondant thing....they think its plastic and that you can not eat it.. silly boys!

Just some fun with the roomies

I love my roommates and i am loving college. I could not have asked for a better situation. I am truly happy again. I really needed this change. This was a cake i just decided to make one day. Its not my best because i made it in hour. but it was fun :)

Goin away party

Going to college means a lot of goodbyes. this was a goodbye cake for my bestie friend Maclean for his going away party. He went to Adams State in Colorado to play lacrosse. This was a tribute to the sport that he loves so much. This was also a really sad time for me. Everyone leaving, and thinking about how nothing would ever be the same, how we were all grown up and moving on with our lives.

Dont forget about baby Mia

this was my precious baby's first birthday cake. she is already almost two!!! where did the time go? anyways...talking about her makes me really sad actually because i miss her so much! Its weird to go to college. Even though i am only about an hour away, its hard not to see the people you love all the time.

Nic's oh so special day!

Ok. so Nicole requested to have strawberries in the frosting of her cake which was fine... expect... they melted the fondant and made it do that thing that you see its doing. other than that it would have been an adorable lil cake. Note to self....frozen strawberries next time.

Cousins birthday!

Parker and Landon love sports, but could never decide on just i just pushed two together and this is what happened! (my first attempt at a double decker! i cant wait to make more!)